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What is a Wedding Stationery Suite? 

How many stationery pieces do I need?

What are they for exactly? 


Yes, we know that starting to organise your wedding can be challenging. We are here to help! We would like to share as much as we can with you so you can get stared and really enjoy the process.


You can read a description of each stationery item in the drop down menu of this section.
You will find all the details you need to understand the use of each design piece as well as some guidance on what we would need from you in order to finalise the designs.


Designing your Wedding Suite is very much a collaboration. We will be with you every step of the way, listening to your ideas and helping you to tell them visually. We can't wait to hear your story!

The date is set for your big day.
Starting to get that excited or nervous feeling (maybe both)!? So much to do.
Where do you start? First things first - let us help you spread the word.


- Save the date

- Wedding Invitation

- RSVP Coupon

- Handwritten Envelopes

This is it!
The day you have been waiting for is finally here and you want to enjoy every moment of it. Your wedding stationery will help everyone feel part of the ceremony and the reception. It ties into your overall look and feel and each piece will play a part in the smooth unravelling of the day.

- Ceremony Booklet

- Wedding Schedule

- Seating Plan

- Table Numbers/Names

- Name Tags

- Menu

Take a deep breath. The big day was a success!

Wait, did you thank everyone, see everyone off? And those memories,
did you capture them all? Let's tie off those loose ends!


- Thank You Card

- Your Story as an Illustrated Map




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